oct 14th @ lab D of sf campus

This sign with a person holding a gun kind of inspired me.

This is a universal sign. But the small change they made on the sign made it feel totally different.
But still, it sends the messege that it's supposed to send.

Given the thought how often the design for the disabled/elderly could ironicaly hurt their feeling(as it looks so 'special/different'),
how cool is the little change has done here.


I noticed what that is recently.

It's good I don't get any birds' poop on my car,
but it looks scary though..


modern architect

It was a smelly, kind of dirty alley somewhere near MOMA.
That metal bar structure was stuck into buildings
hanging accrossing the alley very confidently.
It suit the environment ridiculously well.

Can you see the tip of umbrella(sun-screen), and a clothesline?
It's a part of residential area.
I wonder the relationship of people who lives in two apartments connected.

Guess what?

Three people live here.


After I got this assignment I opened my old photo files to see if I can find somthing interesting that I didn't noticed before. This is from when I was in Beijing.

When I saw the double-handle of the bicycle, I assumed that the smaller handle had it's own purpose, was for his child when he have the child sit in front of him. So I searched web for an evidance, but I found that it's just a different version of the common bike handle

It's probably easier to cut and weld a metal pipe than to band it symetrically.
Sometimes it's cool to see design that shows the need directly...

And this is a byproduct from search above.

I had Sharon to read the Chinese words to find out what he's doing.
They're saying something about 'gym'. I guess he's using the monocycle for advertising.
Probably someone created it to make money by renting it.

Would it work for attracting people to come to the gym? Well, than at least he should ride it well.. souldn't look uncomfortable like that.

This reminds me the circus wheel(it's a cilindrical wheel with two hoops connected, you can move it by walk in their). If I double the wheel like the circus wheel, it won't interfere his view and it'll be a lot easier to park. But it's going to be very hard to change direction.. And it's heavy already. I believe that it could be beatifully redesigned anyway. Because it looks so interesting. The big wheel rollng around the driver, somehow it's so cool. Even it's ridiculousness makes it more attractive. Although, I can't think of any good reason for using that vehicle not even for advertising. Would being attractive br good enough to be a product?
Don't we have products that totally don't make sense but sell just because it's attractive?


test ^^